How I went from a balding man to a guy with a good head of hair

I was about 22 years old w  hen I started having thinning of my hair. Not much, barely noticeable. I did not pay much attention to it . Then one day,  I went to a party and a drunk ass**** yelled out  “who called this 40 year old man to our party “

Over a period of time, my hairline had receded so much that it made me look 20 years older. I was obsessed with it now. I wanted to stop it. I tried everything- new shampoos and hair products- it just made it worse. I considered prescription medicines but was reluctant because of the side effects (especially ED!!). Research shows that women prefer men with a full head of hair over male pattern baldness (MPB). My dating life suffered as well. I had lost my confidence due to the hair loss. I read a lot of stuff on the internet and saw a bunch of doctors. I heard a lot of different things and most of them, if done right, may help. But they were either too cumbersome or expensive or just not practical. After extensive research, I chose these simple steps and kept repeating them.   Just as I had lost my hair at a slow and steady pace, now I was getting it back. I still have quite a bit of MPB, but the hair that I have is more full and looks great.

These are the things that worked for me.

  1. Start taking a multivitamin with high biotin content like this
  2. Shampoo and condition twice a week. Before you shampoo, treat your scalp with coconut oil mixed with powdered multivitamin. Leave it on for a couple of hours before shampooing. I use American crew hair growth shampoo and conditioner. When washing your hair, do not use your palms but use the tips of your fingers. During showering, use lukewarm water. Water that is too hot or too cold will wash away the essentials oils from your scalp and leave it dry.
  3. Scalp massage twice a day. I usually do it while showering, but that is not necessary. To massage your scalp, you need to use your finger pads. Dig deep into one area of the scalp with both hands. Stretch the skin of the scalp and then pinch the scalp with. You will feel your scalp more oily after doing this as it will express the sebum out of hair follicles. Your scalp skin will also feel loose. You can use rosemarry or peppermint oil to massage your scalp if you like. Do this 5-10 minutes twice a day. Reference with more details:
  4. Do not brush your hair immediately after showering. Limit use of hair dryer and hair products
  5.  Drink plenty of water daily, avoid high sugar/carb diet, stop smoking and exercise.

I am still experimenting with these and other different things. Anything worth having doesn’t come easy. You will need patience and consistent effort for this to work, It may or may not help everyone but I think its worth trying. I have heard drugs like propecia and rogaine work as well but I have not experienced it.

I never knew if these things are working for me until my friends (especially women) started commenting on my hair regrowth. So I do not have specific pictures of my hairline, just cropped pics from my old photographs.

Rock bottom
1-2 years after starting the treatment

Disclaimer: I am not endorsing any of the products or websites mentioned here. These are the things that have worked for me well. It may or may not work for everyone